The Medieval Assassin: Brutal killers of the 3rd Crusade and the Renissance...


The Ninja: Sneaky Assassin's from Feudal Japan...



The Medieval Assassin is a person who is hired to kill threats to their soceity.

They originated in 456 BC, during the Roman Era, Third Crusade and the Renissance and have originated into the 21st Century. They are dressed in civilian attire so they can walk freely through the cities and make there way to their target.


The Assassin is equipped with these weapons:

Short Range Sultan's Knife
Medium Range War Hammer
Long Range Crossbow, Throwing Knives

Special Weapons

Hidden Blade and Gun

The BattleEdit

The Assassin is following a target when a Shuriken flies past his face. He looks up to see the Ninja throw another Shuriken. The Assassin dodges the star and throws a knife in retailiation. The Ninja draws his Ninjato and charges as the Assassin while he draws his War Hammer. The two weapons collide as the Assassin gains the upper hand and swings the Hammer at the Ninja who dogdes it without effort. The Ninja slashes the Assassins arm with his Ninjato. The Assassin retailiates by breaking the Ninja's hand with his War hammer. The Ninja quickly takes out his Kyoketsu-shoge and swings vigorously at the Assassin. the Assassin ducks and tackles the Ninja into a scaffolding, breaking it. They fall into a empty building and have a face-off. The Ninja pulls out his Sai as the Assassin grabs his Sultan's Knife and puts on his Metal Cestus. The Ninja swipes at the Assassin who blocks with the knife. The Assassin tries to stab the Ninja but fails as the Sai blocks his path. He looks up to see the Ninja's Sai slash his face. The Assassin falls to his knee's as the Ninja grabs the Assassin's Knife and raises it above his head. As he is about to kill him the Assassin retract's his Hidden Blade and stabs the Ninja in the stomach repeatedly. The Ninja, soaked in blood utters "you have not won yet, my friend" in Japanese to the Assassin who simply replies "yes but this the end of you" and shoots the Ninja with the Hidden Gun.

Winner:Medieval Assassin



Assassin with Hidden Blade and Sultan's Knife drawn.


An Assassin prepared to assassinate a Target