The Knight:Elite Warrior of the 3rd Crusade..


The Samurai:Master of death from Japan...



Knight's were the warrior class of Medieval Europe.

They lived by a code of honour to never harm anyone of the wrong thing. They killed brutally and painfully. Knight were often hassled by Medieval Assassin's.


Short Range Broadsword
Medium Range Halberd
Long Range Crossbow
Special Weapons Morning Star


A Samurai is cleaning his weapons when a Knight rides up on horseback. The Knight fires a Crossbow bolt at the Samurai, just missing him. The Samurai raises his Naginata in the air and yells a battle cry at the Knight, who charges at the Samurai with Morning Star in hand. The Knight hits the Samurai with the Morning Star, knocking him over. The Samurai gets up and prepares for the Knight with his Naginata ready. The Knight swings his Morning Star but the Samurai knocks the Knight off his horse. The Knight regathers conciousness in time to see the Samurai's Naginata come towards him. He dodges and grabs his Halberd and breaks the Naginata. The Samurai tries to grab his Kanabo but is knocked over as the Knight swings the Halberd, leaving a minor wound on the Samurai's chest. The Knight thrusts his Halberd into the ground to no avail as the Samurai dodges and knocks the Halberd out of the Knight's grasp. The Samurai grab his Katana and swings wildly at the Knight, never landing a fatal blow. The Knight draws his Broadsword as the two swords clash, the warriors come face-to-face. The Samurai then elbows the Knight and stabs his hand, forcing him to let go of the sword. The Knight groans in pain as the Samurai waits to kill his oppoment. The Samurai raises his sword and runs at the Knight not realising he has his Morning Star in hand. The Morning Star knocks the Katana out of the Samurai's hands as the Knight swings again, hitting him in the stomach. The Samurai drops to his as he is hit again in the face by the Morning Star. The Samurai coughs and looks up at the Knight with his blood soaked face. The Knight now raises his Broadsword and plunges the sword into the Samurai's chest, killing him. The Knight then raises his in ==victory==

and walks off.


Expert's OpinionEdit

The Knight won because of his strong armour and weaponry. He also had a better version of the Bow and Arrow, The Crossbow.

His Most Effective weapon was the Morning Star.